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Benefits of Pilates and Sports Massage

Restores flexibility and joint mobility

Helps to correct poor posture

Improves bone density and joint health

Improves co-ordination and balance

Helps prevent injury

Relieves stress and tension and creates a sense of calm

Improves circulation

Helps to manage and alleviate back pain

Reduces trauma of operations and speeds rehabilitation

Aids recovery from training and injury

Is Pilates right for you?

Pilates is Whole-Body Fitness.  Unlike some forms of exercise, Pilates does not over-develop some parts of the body and neglect others.  While Pilates training focuses on core strength, it trains the body as an integrated whole.  Pilates workouts promote strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints.  Attention to core support and full-body fitness — including the breath and the mind — provide a level of integrative fitness that is hard to find elsewhere.  It is also the reason that Pilates is so popular in rehab scenarios, as well as with athletes who find that Pilates is a great foundation for any kind of movement they do.

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About Annette

Annette Thomas

  • Full Pilates Diploma Course in Modern Pilates
  • YBFIT Level 3 Certificate and REPS
  • Fitness Professional Pre and Post Natal Advanced Training Module
  • Sports Massage Diploma from the London School of Massage
  • First Aid Appointed Person Certificate
  • Qualified Exercise to Music teacher
  • Diplomas in Sports Science and Personal Training
  • British National Bodybuilding Champion
  • Competitive swimmer and former coach for the North Wales Swimming Team

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